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The Egyptian Museum:
It is located in Cairo down town; it is the depository of Egyptian antiquities. It also includes the mummies of ancient Egypt’s &the king Tutankhamon’s treasures.
The Giza Pyramids & Sphinx:
The names of the three Pyramids of Giza are Cheops, Chephren & Macaronis .the Cheops pyramid is very interesting as it is open for inspection by the public.
The great sphinx is not far from the Giza pyramids, it is built during the era of king Chephren, this huge statue is as a head of human being & the body is a lion’s body.

Memphis & Sakkara:
Memphis is the capital of upper & lower during the era of king Mena.
Sakkara is located about 12 miles south west of Cairo; also this area is famous by the step pyramid of the King Zoser, it was the first pyramid built in ancient Egypt preceding those at Giza by many centuries. This pyramid is the work of the famous architect Imhotep.

The Citadel & Khan El Kalili:
Its location is on the Muqattam hills; it is constructed in 1776 by Saladin & completed by Mohamad Aly.
The tour in this area includes a visit to Khan El Kalili which is a famous area of bazaar dating back to the late 14 century.

The Coptic Museum:
The Coptic Museum is built on the site of the roman fortress of Bablyon; it consists of several churches & collection of Coptic arts.

Benezra Synagogue:

It contains a number of art facts, including a Torah on Gazelle skin dating from the 5th century BC & the manuscript known as the "Atlas of Moses".

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Egyptian Museum

















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