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Standing on the most enthralling part of the River Nile, Aswan orchestrates a serene symphony for visitors in search of sheer relaxation. Peaceful mud brick villages, ornamenting a verdant strip, watch over the Nile’s blue waters, calmly flowing to embrace the golden desert in an exceptional statement of nature’s contrasts coming together in perfect harmony. Such a beautiful sight forms Aswan’s renown, tranquil islands sheltered by swaying Palm trees to explain why Egypt’s southern most City has been attracting worldwide novelists, and tourists who want to get away from it all. Home to a large Nubian community, adds to the city a matchless African flavor not so intensely felt anywhere in Egypt, as dining on the Nile while enjoying breathtaking sunsets is always complimented by a vibrantly, colorful Nubian show. Aswan “ the relaxed, laid back city” is the perfect definition of a “ Holiday”, so whether you are a traveler in search of relaxation or inspiration, Aswan is the right place to be.

As the plains are greener on each bank and El Hawa hill appears pierced with terraces of tombs, the white winged sails of the feluccas welcome you to the sunny and lovely Aswan.
Here the cruise takes you to the most beautiful scenery of the Nile; parted by the granite base of the Elphanitine island,  it pours along its sides as if coming from an invisible source  and joined at the end of the island on its rapid course towards the end of its journey.

This peaceful city, with influences of Nubian culture, is famous for the High Dam, one of the three largest dams in the world, the Ptolemaic temple of Philae, the unfinished obelisque in the granite quarry and the Agha Khan Mousoleum. Now from the middle of December to the middle of March, Aswan never sleeps. It has become a favored winter resort especially with its exceptional scents of spices and perfumes

It was Located about 899 km south of Cairo, it contains a variety of an ancient monuments & the peaceful view of country side.

Edfu temple:
The city of Edfu was located about 123 km south of Aswan, Edfu temple is on the eastern bank of the river Nile which is dedicated by God Horus, it was constructed in the days of Ptolemy 3, the walls of the temple related to the history of Ptolemies & it is a combination between Egyptian & Greek Architectural arts.

Komobo Temple:
It is located about 45 km north of Aswan & dates from Ptolemaic era, also there are some tombs dates from the old Kingdom era.

Aswan Dam & the High Dam:
The old Dam of Aswan was built in1898, it is constructed from Granite Quarries, it was opened in 1960's another Dam was built (Aswan High Dam) by the Egyptian Government in the era of president Gamal Abd El Nasser.

The Unfinished Obelisk:
It is 14 meter high & estimate weight is 120 tonnes.

Philae Island:
It is located between Aswan Dam & the High Dam, also there is Philae temple rises in this area.

The Botanical Island:
 This island consists of large sum of rare equatorial plants in the world.

Lake Nasser:
It is the largest artificial lake in the world, it is consider as a natural protectorate, and it also links between Egypt & Sudan.

Abu Simbel Temple:

The Temple of Abu Simble is situated on the west bank of the Nile, 280 km South of Aswan, It was built between 1300 & 1233 BC. The master builder Of the temple is king Ramses II who is one of the greatest kings during the Era of pharaohs. It was divided into two magnificent temples, the larger one Celebrates the pharaoh him self while the smaller one honors his wife the Queen Nefertari.

Temple of Beit El Wali:
It is a Nubian temple; it is one of five temples built by king Ramses 2.

The Temple of Kalabsha:

It is also a Nubian temple; it was built during the era of Roman Emperor Octavious August.

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