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Mövenpick M/S Prince Abbas


The Mövenpick M/S Prince Abbas was awarded the “Best Floating
Vessel on Lake Nasser” in 2007 by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism,
plying the tranquil waters of Lake Nasser and has recently been
renovated to provide additional comfort and facilities. Boasting
the most sophisticated navigational equipment and stabilisers.
The vessel offers opulence and unrivalled Swiss hospitality for a
timeless journey through the legends of Nubia.
To the south of Aswan stands Lake Nasser, an enormous reservoir
formed by the building of the Aswan High Dam or Sadd El Ali in
Arabic. The vast reservoir is some 550 kilometres long and 35
kilometres across at its widest point and is close to the Tropic of
Cancer. It covers a total surface area of 5,250 square kilometres
and has a storage capacity of approximately 157 cubic kilometres
of water.

Lake Nasser in Upper Egypt for a 3 nights/4 days cruise.


Cabins and amenities
Mövenpick M/S Prince Abbas is comprised of 43 spacious cabins,
18 junior suites and 4 magnificent royal suites, all with en-suite
shower room. The accommodation enjoys the latest amenities,
individually controlled air-conditioning, telephone, TV, mini-bar
and hairdryer.

Dining and entertainment
Three meal restaurant for fine international and local cuisine, the
greenery room for small groups, the sun deck bar, and salon deck
lounge and bar with a dance area and evening entertainment.

Sport and leisure
Plunge pool and whirlpool, gymnasium. The guided sightseeing
programme includes the twin rock-cut temples of Abu Simbel built
around 1200 BC, which are a legacy of the great Ramses II and
other fine examples of the Pharaonic civilisation.

Sightseeing and history
The cruise enables you to visit temples that are not accessible by
land in the company of an expert guide, like the tiny relocated
temple of Kalabsha of Beit el-Wali, “The House of the Governor”
and the Roman temple of Hathor, known as Kertassi. Further
south there is the Ramses II’s temple known as Wadi El Seboua
temple, the Meriotic and Ptolemaic temple called Al Dakka, and
the unfinished Serapis temple, Al Meharakka.
Apart from the majestic monuments, Lake Nasser offers a
paradise for nature lovers. There are Nile River crocodiles which
are no longer found north of the Aswan Dam and thirty two
species of fish including Nile Perch, Tiger Fish, Tilapia and rare



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