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Egypt  is  the  land  of  the  finest  ancient  civilizations  and  the promising bright future, invites you to one  of  the most enjoyable trips of your life. The Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest ones in human history. Inscriptions  on  the  various  Egyptian monuments emphatically date it back to 7000 years. Situated at the crossroad of the world, it is so easy to visit Egypt. You may enjoy,  at little cost,  a trip  to  Egypt.  A trip stimulating  to mind  and  pleasing to the heart.  Amidst  immortal ancient  monuments dating from some of  the oldest civilizations ever  created  by  man : Pharaonic, Greek, Roman,  Byzantine, early  Christian and  Islamic civilizations.   The history  of  Egypt is forever tried to the Nile. Ever since the earliest know communities settled  along  the  Nile  Valley.  The river has controlled  the religious economic social and political life of  Egyptians for centuries.  Egypt's broad history can be broken down into major periods:

  • Pharaonic times 3000 – 341 BC
  • Greek rule (Hellenistic) 332 – 30 BC
  • Roman & Byzantine rule 30 – 638 AD
  • Arab conquest & Mamelukes 640 – 1517
  • British occupation 1882 –1952.
  • Independent Egypt 1952 – Present.

Egypt Now

Arab Republic of Egypt is the formal name of Egypt; Cairo is the capital & the largest city in the Arab world,
Africa & Middle East because it is combination in between 03 cities (Cairo – Giza – Kaliobia) with about

20.000. 000 citizens, it also considered as the industrial & commercial center of Egypt.

The total area of Egypt 1001450 sq km, the land area is 995450 sq km & the water area is 6000 sq km.
The currency of Egypt is Egyptian pound which is equal to 100 piaster, one US Dollar equal to 5.38 Egyptian pounds (as of July 2008).
The population of Egypt is 78.7 Million (May 2008).
Egypt today enjoys a great deals of development, its main resources of foreign currency are: Oil, the Suez Canal tolls, Tourism, Agriculture, Light & Heavy Industry.
Egypt Popularity as a holiday destination may be in part to its climate. The hottest months are June, July and August when maximum temperatures range between 34C/95F in Cairo and 41C/107F in Luxor and Aswan. Since the climate tends to be dry, especially in Upper Egypt, the heat is more bearable. Evening is much cooler and very pleasant, which is possibly the reason why night-time  in Egypt is so lively. Weather-wise, the best months to visit is March, April, October and November. Other-wise, any time is a good time. Clothing:   Overall, Egypt is a very casual country! However, you may want to plan accordingly for the weather. Day dress should include cotton and breathable fabric clothing, comfortable shoes, hat, and sun block. Shorts are acceptable. Evening dress is smart-casual. A light jacket or sweater is advisable for the months of November - April. Electricity and Water :   The electrical system is based on 220 AC Volt, 50 Hz, and requires rounded two round pins/prong wall plug. Visitors from North America will need a transformers / adapter which can be provided by most hotels.
All hotels have their own filtering water system and their water is considered safe to drink. Also bottled water is cheap and readily available. Time:    Plus two hours (+2) from GMT. Seven hours ahead of US eastern standard time. Languages :   Arabic (official), English, French widely understood among upper and middle classes many other language like German, Italian & Spanish easy to touch in the tourist cities

The Egyptian people:
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